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Menu of Emperor's Palace Chinese Cuisine

Dim Sum

Noodles and Rice

Beef and Pork





Szechuan Spicy Flavour - Huong Vi Cay

Pork, Beef, and Lamb Dishes - Heo, Bo Va De

Seafood - Do Bien


Abalon, Shark Fin, and Fish Maw - Bao Nguu, Sup Vay Ca, Bong Bong Ca

Appetizers and Cold Cut Platters - Mon Khai Vi Va Mam Lamh

Bird's Nest - Yen

Chicken, Duck, and Squab - Ga Vit and Chim Bo Cau

Chinese Casseroles - Tay Cam

Rice Noodles, Chow Mein, and Rice Dishes - Hu Tieu, Mi Xao Va COm Dia


Soups - Sup

Teppan Vi Sat

Vegetables and Bean Curd Dishes - Rau Cai and Dau Hu

Wok Chao